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cities for citizens
sustainable and dynamic urbanism, materialist political economy for cities under adverse circumstances of rapid privatisation, speculation , gentrification and segregation.
pushing back on the smart city solutionist narrative
case studies
--> related initiative "Google is not a good neighbour"
before FOG it was FuckOffGuggenheim... and they really gave up
and FuckOffDercon - gentrifying the Volksbühne (a legendary theater in the center of Berlin
Barcelona (Morozow & Bria's "Green" Smart City approach
Hudson Yards is a billionaire’s fantasy city and you never have to leave — provided you can pay for it.
movement against fortress city districts and trickle-down housing
SF (the original FOG!)
techsploitation -
privatisation of esential services and infrastructure tales of woe
generally, it is stubbornly unprofitable to deliver essential services at scale
Jomo Kwame Sundaram, former economics professor and United Nations Assistant Secretary-General for Economic Development
"race to the bottom" How Outsourcing Public Services Rewards Corporations and Punishes the Middle Class
Public transportation
rail privatisation can only be successful where there is population density, eventually all but the most important stations will be shut down
An illusion of success: The consequences of British rail privatisation
The rail billionaires The privatisation of British Rail has proved a disastrous failure. Without big changes, things are going to get worse
UN University
Smart Cities
"competitive urbanism"
Adam Greenfield : Against the Smart City
politicians raising concerns
comic relief

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