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Welcome, this page is the backend coordination for


Kreuzberg people are annoyed by Google's gentrification power.

This is an opportunity to talk about Corporate Internet surveillance, as long as other three topics: Smart City (and the freedom of their citizen), [1](Datafication of the life), Gentrification and the start-up delusion.

Google power depends on two kinds of data: the one we will give to them (when we use the Google search engine when we use Gmail or Gmap when we pick youtube instead of some alternative) and the data Google acquire because has infiltrated the technology. For example, if you open a website and that contains google analytics, means your visitor which you assume are sharing data (this, interests, thus, power for who can use it) with you, SURPRISE also Google is lurking there.

Then what? Fuck off Google not just from the Kreuzberg neighbor, but also to the Kreuzberg websites. Contest the Giant in the only environment where dominate: the web

How does it work ?

The technical pipeline to get data from openstreetmap is here:*.js

The functionalities which permit to check every website you want, is here:

Why do this ?

In order to display how Google infiltrated the technological stack. We can use technology which is under our control, which do not sell our users, but we should do a bit more effort when we decide our technologies.

This website want ultimately increase the culture on technological choice. Aggregate tech-savvy berliners, offer a resource for a community, organize technical assistance for the entities which need to de-googlify themselves.

What next?

  • write a clear mission statement
  • use the issue trackers to follow up the needs, mods, update necessary for the people doing local advocacy
  • publish the German-only version of the site
  • increase the amount of tested website
  • explain also for nontechnical audience why gmail is not there, what is third-party tracking
  • Your Call!, communication, logo, differentiate the content in the different websites. Up to your suggestion