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In the air of Silicon Valley, Google grew into the remnants of 1968 counter-culture, and is among those companies that managed to pervert its positive ideals in ways that aren't always easy to deconstruct, but what use are apparently progressive office cultures if the end result is the subjection of mankind? Is Google pacifying its employees into a belief they are not being evil by accomodating for apparent progressive policies within the office? How ironic, if the only "good" thing they are doing turns out to be illegal? Are they harming progressive culture by instrumentalizing it?

Misapplication of progressive values

"Google managers complacently allowed a corporate culture to grow up that at the very least tolerates some degree of progressive militancy at work, and quite possibly encourages more than a little of it. That was incredibly short-sighted. And if Silicon Valley doesn’t realize this, it is about to get belatedly hit by that realization, good and hard." [1]

"But you also have to look at the positive side"

No you don't. This is a journalistic cliché that there's good to every story and they need to show both sides. So far there is nothing good about Google. If you look at it long enough, you will find out it is ultimately ethically flawed. So please reject this meme, this fallacy that Google is also doing any good. So they are doing amazing transhumanist research using the money they never should have earned? Well, there are two problems with that observation.

Google And Elections

The electoral rules are a total farce if they allow one party with a lot of cash to hijack Internet searches for other parties' manifestos with brutally dishonest attack adverts, but even if this thing is technically legal, Google has no actual obligation to take the Tory cash and help them subvert democracy. If Google had any company ethics whatever, they'd specify that political Google searches during democratic elections are off limits for sponsored adverts, especially sponsored adverts from rival political parties.

Redirect Method

"Rather than just removing that recruitment content, Jigsaw's method advises education. Anyone searching for that content is shown videos and ads that debunk the propaganda, instead." [2]

"The Redirect Method uses Adwords targeting tools and curated YouTube videos uploaded by people all around the world to confront online radicalization. It focuses on the slice of ISIS’ audience that is most susceptible to its messaging, and redirects them towards curated YouTube videos debunking ISIS recruiting themes." [3]