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== Flyers ==
== Flyers ==
== March 3rd Protest ==
== March 3rd Protest - Kiezspaziergang ==

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March 3rd Protest - Kiezspaziergang


NOISE against Google Campus / Feb 02 Noise protest

Noise against Google campus.jpg Noise against Google campus pinkish.jpg Noise against Google campus greenish.jpg Noise against Google campus purplish.jpg

draft proposal for a flyer "apartment to rent"


flyer/poster "Google ist kein guter nachbar"

For 2017/12/18 gathering. Text could be reused. (bad scan)

Flyer 20171218 a.jpg Flyer 20171218 b.jpg

flyer/poster "Fuck Off Google"

Should work from A7 to A1 ;)

Poster a-2.png

Images for posters, stickers, etc.

Fuck off Google sticker/poster #1

Fuck off Google sticker/poster #2


Photo banner "Google Campus not welcome"

Photo banner "Fuck off Google"

Photo banner