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An attempt at listing events and various actions.
An attempt at listing events and various actions.
You can also check the [[CampaignImages|flyers and posters]] page too.
Also check the [[CampaignImages|flyers and posters]] page.
= Next Events =
= Next Events =

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An attempt at listing events and various actions.

Also check the flyers and posters page.

Next Events

Anti-Google Café - every 2nd, 4th *Saturday* (formerly Sunday!) of the Month - 15:00 - Kalabala!k, Reichenbergerstr. 63A

Join an open discussion occasion for everyone to share their thoughts and ideas. At Kalabala!k, Reichenbergerstr. 63A (street level, down)

Next edition: *Saturday* 27th January - 15:00

February 2nd - 14:00 - Transmediale Workshop "Fuck Off Google!"

Fri, February 2, 2018 - 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM CET

" Join this workshop to connect these local actions and their global implications with joy and passion! An occasion to celebrate a diversity of tactics, question the nature of our relationship with technology, discuss decentralized tools that empower humans rather than enslaving them, and develop concrete plans for participation and action. "

Free access and registration (through centralized platform :/ ) https://www.eventbrite.de/e/transmediale-2018-fuck-off-google-rebel-kiez-vs-the-hyper-crapitalist-life-colonizing-colossus-tickets-42277813077

February 2nd - 18:00 - Make some NOISE!

Meeting 18:00 at corner Paul Linke Ufer and Ohlauerstr.

February 5th - 20:00 - Solidarität vom Fass - Möbel-Olfe

"Solidarity on tap" - Drinks to support anti-google-campus crowds: anti google-campus + Anarchistische Bibliothek Kalabalik Möbel-Olfe, Reichenberger Str. 177 (Durchgang zum KottbusserTor, Eingang an der Dresdner Straße) http://www.moebel-olfe.de/programm.php

February 7th - 19:00 - Citizen Kino / Fuck Off Google - Regenbogenfabrik Kino

19:00 Regenbogenfabrik Kino - Lausitzerstr. 22 (U: Gorlitzer Bahnhof)

Detailed description soon <3

add your event

*here*! (click the "edit" button after creating an account)

Past Events

Friday 29th December - 14:30 - Fuck Off Google at the Tea Room

As part of the 34C3 and the self-organised sessions.[1]

Monday 18 dec - 18:00 - Video-Kundgebung mit Glühwein/Video demonstration with mulled wine - Umspannwerk

Monday 18 December - 18:00, Ohlauer Straße 43, 10999 Berlin, Deutschland

by Bizim Kiez - Unser Kiez GloReiche Nachbarschaft Lause bleibt

Translated from Facebook invitation (https://www.facebook.com/events/172197170039110/):

At the beginning of next year, Google plans to open its seventh Google Campus worldwide at the Ohlauer Strasse substation.

Google is not an innocent actor who only moves to Kreuzberg by chance. The company chose the substation because the neighbourhood was discovered as a resource for the tech industry: after the exploitation and transformation of the liberal San Francisco, it is now the turn of liberal Kreuzberg. This development is in its infancy, and it will affect all those who are still living here, but who cannot or do not want to participate in this transformation. That's why we protest against the move-in of Google.

Flyer 20171218 a.jpg Flyer 20171218 b.jpg

7th December 2017, 19:00 - Stop the "Google Startup Campus" in Berlin-Kreuzberg!

As seen on the GoogleCampusVerhindern blog.[2]