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Movie on the ongoing anti-gentrification revolts in San Francisco that we in Europe hardly ever hear about. Especially frightening how Google openly acts evil, refusing any responsibility and making lunatic comparisons of political requests for the rich to contribute their share to society to Nazi action against Jews. So evicted teachers are Nazis now.

The documentary could use a bit of editing and it needs a sound remastering.

The Silicon Valley paradox: one in four people are at risk of hunger - The Guardian - 2017

"Hunger and the housing crisis go hand-in-hand. In Santa Clara County, the median price of a family home has reached a new high of $1.125m, while the supply of homes continues to shrink. A family of four earning less than $85,000 is now considered low income. These realities mean food insecurity cuts across lines of race, age and employment status."

Google’s downtown San Jose village “main” construction to start in 2025, property purchases continue

Google continues buying hundreds of millions of dollars of land in silicon valley cities, with long term plans for control:

"Google and Trammell Crow-controlled affiliate TC Agoge are buying buildings and vacant parcels near Diridon Station and the SAP Center entertainment complex. They have already bought 20 parcels in the Diridon Station area, paying $146 million." Google's annual profit is around $16 Billion

If Silicon Valley is the knowledge work capital of the world, why does it have so many bad jobs? - 2017

"At the top of the economy, according to the Silicon Valley Institute for Regional Studies, are some 335,000 people in highly skilled occupations: professionals (lawyers, doctors, accountants), senior managers and tech employees such as software developers and data scientists. They pull down, on average, more than $120,000 a year. Meanwhile, the fastest growing segment has been at the bottom, among the 438,000 waiters, child-care aides and others who earn about $30,000 a year – less than a living wage." [The median rent for July 2017 on a one-bedroom apartment in San Jose was $2,060]

Silicon Valley Has a Homelessness Crisis - The nation - 2017

"The Guardian recently reported that in East Palo Alto, one-third of schoolchildren are estimated to be homeless, meaning they have no secure form of shelter. More than 10,000 homeless people were stranded across San Jose and Santa Clara Counties last year on any given night, including hundreds of families with children. And that number doesn’t include the “hidden homeless,” the countless people without their own shelter who “double up” at friends’ houses. Sprawling homeless encampments dot the Bay, and the crisis is so endemic in some communities, activists have begun establishing homeless trailer camps in church parking lots."