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Thanks for your contribution of an introduction, but:

Introduction... Transhumanism. Eh? Instead of focusing on fixing worldwide politics, helping humanity strive, have a happy life and feel safe enough not to proliferate all the time, Silicon Valley is only interested in ways for their plutocrat leadership to not only escape tax, the rage of the general population, but also the risks of aging and having to die at some point. That's what transhumanism is about. The ultimate luxury product for the super-rich. Idiots of course talk about it as if they had a chance to get some of the extended life for themselves or as if these technologies were going to be available for all of humanity. (Some would say that it is impossible under a regime of capitalism.)

I think needs a bit more work as:

  • there are enumerations with negations "instead of, ... enough not to.... to not only..." making it hard to read
  • lots of parts are strongly opinionated "idiots", "impossible", etc.. where we may benefit from sticking to facts/research

I take the liberty to take it down until we've discussed it and improved it further... maybe replacing it with the intro from the website?