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using commercial google competitors vs geek options

In my experience teaching technology to friends and family, you have to make baby steps for them to follow and get comfortable. Bombarding a person with scary technological facts about encryption and surveillance may just further their complacency, it's necessary to let them take their own first steps. Appropriate technological changes come in layers. Why not what's app instead of facebook messanger, why not signal instead of what's app etc...

For example, duckduckgo isn't inherently better than google, as it's simply a matter of trust in the current company and their politics which could change anytime. However, showing friend that "google is not the internet" and that they are in control of their own browser by choosing another default search engine can be very empowering. I believe in the end, what's most useful is self-educated and empowered users.

Maybe the google alternatives page should reflect this for a friendlier first-time decision maker kind of crowd, rather than a big list of compile-it-yourself kind of github links? There's already many good things posted here, so possibly we could make the page look a little more slick. I think for people who want to do something to get away from google, these resources are the main thing they'd look for on this wiki.

--Mm (talk) 17:57, 23 December 2017 (UTC)