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== Add your event Saturday, October 27th, 2018 - 15:00 - Invitation to the Anti-Google Café:face2face ==
The fight is over, or everything goes on? For the time being, Google is not moving into the transformer station in Kreuzberg itself, but is leasing the 3,000 square meters to two social initiatives, Betterplace and Karuna. How this change in Google's strategy can be explained can probably only be seen in the near future. However, it cannot be denied that the continuous actions against the Google campus have contributed to Google not being able to come to Kreuzberg and settle there simply like that. The (image) damage that Google has suffered recently, based on small and large, mostly informal actions, has allowed the giant corporation to go on a new charm offensive in order to ward off even more damage. The pictures of the Google bosses in Berlin, like Rowan Barnett who now as a "social angel" hands over the key of the substation to some social initiative, are supposed to blur the negative output that has been articulated in the streets of Kreuzberg in the last two years. Google the responsible "Big Brother", who not only knows what is good for humanity, but also for the inhabitants*of Kreuzberg and Berlin. The criticism of the Google campus was never only that of repression and rent increases, but more and more the role Google plays in refining domination and control. This technological progress, or attack, does not hang alone on the Google campus, but is all-encompassing in the prevailing discourse, from new tech companies in Berlin, via industry 4.0. to the political agenda of all parties to technologization. The fight against Google and Co. is a fight against the existing rule and how it manifests itself. Exposing the lies of politicians and self-proclaimed "neighborhood spokespersons" is unimportant here*! (click , because this is their job to maintain the status quo and pacify protests. Because one strength of the fight against the Google campus is certainly the broad refusal to enter into negotiations, and the political chatterers do not give control over the fight. The change of plans of Google were not fought for in the offices, but on the street. Over the last two years, a struggle has developed based on the prevention of the Google campus, which was directed against the technological attack and the restructuring of power. Not only Google what the target of attacks, but the whole tech scene, the domination and those who promote and defend them. In these two years, an attempt was made to develop an own antagonistic project against this world of Google and Co. dreams. A struggle that feeds on the initiative of the participants, creativity and self-organization. A struggle with the perspective of the upheaval of circumstances, and not with the "single" prevention of the campus. And what does this mean now that Google has officially put the ''Campus Berlin project on ice? To throw everything away and look for a new "editopponent"? To refrain from criticizing and attacking Google and other tech companies because Google is no longer coming to Kreuzberg? And if it was never really about the goal, but always the way was the goal itself, then it's about building on it. We look back on the last two years, on the relationships, deep discussions, conflicts, more or less collective attacks, the experiences that have been gathered, etc., that have emerged. So the question then arises as to how all this will continue to spin? Let' button after creating an account)s leave the flame of the revolt burning! Date: 27.10.2018Time: 15:00Location: Anarchist library Kalabal!ikAddress: Reichenbergerstraße 63a, Berlin-Kreuzberg
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