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No G00gle in Rennes

Citizens' initiative and observatory for the implementation of g00gle in Rennes, Brittany, France.

 creation of this wiki: 12-02-2018 By User:XavCC
 It is not complete, does not claim to be exhaustive, nor does it purport to be exhaustive but we do our best to be relevant.

Using a wiki (in french language yet, so we need help to translate), from the Framsoft initiative, Framasoft and De-google-ify movement, in order to :

G00gle in the city and life

The impacts of G00gle in Rennes and outside Rennes on daily life, political, economic and cultural life

1. Logbook of outbuildings rennaise to g00gle

Learn without G00gle

Since it seems that G00gle wants to train us digitally with G00gle tools. But there are other things in city and in life : Methods and tools for a city and free the internets

Do without G00gle

  • Tutorials
  • Meetings and Calendars

The meetings, workshops, actions (such as the "No G00gle" cafés) that carry out citizen mediation actions in digital media in Rennes: date of meetings and agenda category

Statement Log

The promises made by G00gle, by politicians, by economic actors, and the realities on the ground