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Welcome to FUCK OFF GOOGLE Wiki! Organise with us - check the next events!

Here is a space to collect and aggregate data, campaigning material, and everything that can help kicking the "Google campus" out of Kreuzberg!

Be very welcome to help organize fact-based data on this company and their behavior worldwide! Read the getting started guide.

Feel free to upload files and check the uploaded files

Mobilization ideas, campaigns, events and actions

Next events and actions

Posters, flyers, images, videos and other campaigning material

Images and Flyers to print, spread and remix.

Videos and Audio - Rip, remix, share

Check our media gallery as well.

Documentation, Research and other informational resources

Google and mass surveillance

Google and mass surveillance

Google and gentrification

Google and gentrification

Google, taxes and the law

Google, taxes and the law

Google's limitless expansion

Google's limitless expansion in power and spectrum of activity

Google and Transhumanism

Google and Transhumanism

Google's apparent good sides

Google and Counterculture

"Smart Cities"

"Smart Cities"

Google Campus In Other Cities

Google Campus In Other Cities

Google and Discrimination

On Google pretending to actively promote diversity, but doing the opposite in practice...

Überized/Exploited Tech-Workers Conditions


Various topics

Use this page for research subjects that are not *directly* related to Google and their plan for a "Google campus" in Kreuzberg.

BlackBlockGoogle from your hardware

Replacements/Alternatives to Google services



Books related to Google

Related Initiatives, Groups and Movements

Social Media and Press

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Everyone can participate by contributing research material about any of our topics.

The work that happens here on the wiki can be used to support the organising effort.

To get started create an account (or use this shared account) and log in. Then click "edit" on any page, starting new pages, upload files, etc.

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You can ask any question or suggest anything by joining our friendly chat-room. The room is public and un-encrypted, but you can create encrypted chats once there! The room is a self-hosted instance on the decentralised Matrix network. There are clients available on GNU/Linux desktop and F-Droid store for mobile.

Please note, the room is currently an experiment as we decide how best to communicate with each other on the internet.