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With Youtube, Google voluntarily engages in generalized censorship in order to please the music and film industries.

In pratice, with “Content ID”, Google set the norm for automated censorship, with algorithms taking down countless remixes, political speech and other parodic videos amounting to speech.

Google helps defending a vision of an archaic copyright regime abused as a tool for censorship.

YouTube reveals it removed 8.3m videos from site in three months - The Guardian - April 2018

Automated censorship through robots:

"YouTube said 6.7m were first flagged for review by machines rather than humans; of those, 76% were removed before they received a single view."

"The vast majority of videos taken down – more than 80% – were flagged as suspect by one of Google’s automatic systems, the company said, rather than an individual. "

Generic information about Censorship by Google - Wikipedia