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March 3rd Protest - Kiezspaziergang


NOISE against Google Campus / Noise protest - Every first Friday of each month

Noise against Google campus.svg.png Noise against Google campus.svg magenta.png Noise against Google campus.jpg Noise against Google campus pinkish.jpg Noise against Google campus greenish.jpg Noise against Google campus purplish.jpg

draft proposal for a flyer "apartment to rent"


flyer/poster "Google ist kein guter nachbar"

For 2017/12/18 gathering. Text could be reused. (bad scan)

Flyer 20171218 a.jpg Flyer 20171218 b.jpg

flyer/poster "Fuck Off Google"

Should work from A7 to A1 ;)

Poster a-2.png

Even simpler flyer/poster "Fuck Off Google"

Another, even simpler:

FuckOffGoogle simple-poster.png

Images for posters, stickers, etc.

Fuck off Google sticker/poster #1

Fuck off Google sticker/poster #2

Fuck off Google spy sticker/poster #3



Photo banner "Google Campus not welcome"

Photo banner "Fuck off Google"

Photo banner