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About Google's apparently limitless expansion in terms of companies bought or new sectors of activities. About Alphabet, Calico, Google Venture, investments in genetics, transportation, energy and the such...


Google's financial expansion


lists of Alphabet/Google's acquisitions and companies over time - Unknown Researcher - 2015

(some of the 2015 data may be incorrect. Data since then is missing)

File:Alphabet - companies, projects, products and services.ods

File:Google acquisitions.ods

File:Google Venture investments.ods

File:Alphabet revenue.ods

Google's Hypocrisy - Huffington Post, Dr. Robert Epst (10/06/2015)

If you can't build it, buy it: Google's biggest acquisitions mapped - Wired, By Matthew Reynolds Saturday 25 November 2017

List of Google Acquisitions and where they ended up in Google

The data is from 2015 (any updates on this?) but shows how (then Google) Alphabet are using their monopoly to further their vision.

Google's political influence extension

Investigating Google's revolving door

how Google recruits members of public administrations to extend its network and political influence: